Honduras paper money 20 Honduran Lempiras banknote of 1966.

Honduras 20 Lempiras banknote currency paper money pictures Dionisio de Herrera Notafilia Numismática collecting billete de papel moneda
20 Honduran Lempiras banknote
Honduras paper money 20 Lempiras banknote Rio Lindo Notafilia Numismática
20 Honduran Lempiras note
Honduras paper money 20 Lempiras banknote of 1966, issued by the Central Bank of Honduras - El Banco Central de Honduras.
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Obverse: Portrait of Dionisio de Herrera. Liberal politician who served as head of state of Honduras during 1824-1827 and Nicaragua during 1830-1833.
Reverse: Waterfalls on the Rio Lindo, Honduras.
Printed by Thomas de la Rue, London England.